Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend one section for our smaller sizes as it is easier to handle in one piece; our larger carrier systems do consist of multiple Harrows.  We can also build custom Harrows in sections if you require one to a different specification.

Both our Bridge Harrow and Bridge Estate Harrow are effective at covering different seeds, if the less aggressive side is used. 

We make 3pt lift frames, swivels carriers and a folding carrier for larger sizes. For smaller Harrows you can drag the implement or use a front end loader with pallet forks/ bale spears. If your Harrow is fifteen feet or less, it will fit through most gateways and it won’t damage laneways or yards. 

 The teeth are positioned in such a way that each tooth travels on a different path, none of which are overlapping; creating optimal coverage with fewer teeth. The entire tooth structure of the Harrow is also doing a lot of the work so that more teeth are not needed. 

A rule of thumb is 2 horse power/foot of Harrow width. However, this can vary depending on equipment and surface conditions.

Our Harrows are made from special bar quality 1060(Bridge) high carbon and 1045(Estate) steel which is already very hard. There is no need to harden teeth through heat treatment. In fact heat can make this type of steel become brittle.

Pulling our Harrows from the back would damage the Harrow due to the angle of the teeth;  90° on one side and 45° on the other. The Harrow is designed to work with the tooth structure at this angle and it would be ineffective and damaging if pulled backwards. 

Longer teeth will not penetrate the ground more or do a better job. The tooth structure of the Harrow is designed to do a lot of the work (breaking lumps and incorporating manure etc.) The Harrow works better when closer to the ground.

The Bridge Estate Harrow has a less aggressive side where the teeth are almost non-existent, this allows the tooth structure to do ALL of the work, ideal for leveling. 

Our Bridge Harrows are manufactured using 5/8″ 1060 High Carbon Steel. While they can appear heavier with their coarse structure and larger inner diameter of the joints, they are not too heavy for most uses. With shorter teeth and much of the work being done by the tooth structure, the Harrow will not damage most surfaces.  None of the teeth follow the path of another, leaving a scratch mark every 2″. Ideal for hay and pasture.

The Bridge Estate Harrow, manufactured using 1/2″ 1045 steel, was created with lighter uses in mind. Ideal for sand and lawn.

You can view our product pages to see ideal uses for our Harrows, or you can Contact Us with any questions you might have.

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