The May-Bridge Chain Harrow

Strong, Durable, Versatile

Strong, Durable and Versatile Harrows

May-Bridge Harrows has been making the “Bridge” Chain Harrow for 40+ years.

A lot of thought went into designing the hitch, which is made with Chain, rather than rods and eyes. Because the hitch has more flexing points, it will have a much longer wear time. The Chain hitch is also easier to handle and store.

The “May-Bridge” Chain Drag Harrows are great pasture Harrows.

“Bridge” Chain Harrow

Main advantages of the “Bridge” design

Due to the angle of all parts of the Harrow, the framework allows the Harrow to do much of the work, not just the teeth, and tends to separate all joints, increasing wearability. This design also allows the tail section to stay down and not roll forward.

The draw bar is made from strong round structural tubing.

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3 Pt. Lift Frame

The most compact lift frame on the market.

The main frame (A Frame) is easy to ship, stock and handle.

The frame raises the Drag Harrow by the Harrow’s centre. This accentuates the unique, geometric design of the Frame. This design also reduces the number of drop Chains necessary to attach the Harrow to the frame.

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“May-Bridge” Caddy

This is a unique new patented concept.

The “May-Bridge” Caddy has no framework over the Harrow or drop Chains. It lifts from the front and raises to a height of approximately 5 1/2 ft, then swivels 90º for transport width less than 8ft 6 in. The Caddy can even be used to turn the Harrow over in the field.

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Choose your Harrow

Clients have been very pleased with the Orange Bridge Harrow, but some tasks require a finer Implement. For all those smaller Harrow jobs the “Bridge” Estate Harrow was introduced in 2009, and quickly became a bestseller!

Since the original Chain Harrows are identified by the colour orange, we decided to give the smaller drag Harrow a unique colour of its own: Blue.

Based on your needs, you can choose the right Harrow:

The “Bridge” Chain Harrow

A full-size, more aggressive drag Harrow

For bigger projects such as hay and pasture, preparing seed beds, breaking up and spreading manure and incorporating herbicides.

The “Bridge” Estate Harrow

A smaller, less aggressive Harrow

For light weight uses and finer grooming on jumping arenas, riding rings, small pasture, landscaping, lawn management, moto X tracks, deer plots, beach fronts, and walking trails.