Bridge Carriers

Swivel Caddy
Folding Carrier
3Pt Hitch Lift Frame

May-Bridge Swivel Carrier (2M)

Available for Harrow sizes 17′ – 26′

The May-Bridge Swivel Caddy easily lifts the Harrow and swivels 90º for a transport width of less than 8′ 6″ and a storage height of less than 6′.

The Swivel Caddy makes the harrow easier to handle and operate, makes it possible to reverse while using the harrow and has a longer tongue for tighter turns.

May-Bridge Folding Carrier

ALL NEW! Order yours today.

The May-Bridge folding carrier has a working width of 31′ or 35′.

Our widest working width.

The folding carrier has three sections of harrows fitted with hydraulics. 

An affordable alternative to other large tillage equipment. 

Easy to transport and store large Harrows.

3Pt Hitch Lift Frame

Available for Harrow widths 7′ – 13′

A compact A-Frame design. 

Makes your Bridge Chain Harrow easy to ship, stock and handle.

Manuals and Specifications

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