The Bridge Chain Harrow

Model No.Working Width Shipping Weight (with drawbar)Colour Code
Measurement from draw bar to back is 86"
B54′ 4″ 145 Lb.
B76′ 6″220 Lb. Grey
B98′ 8″290 Lb.Yellow
B1110′ 10″370 Lb.Black
B1313′ 0″450 Lb. Blue
B1515′ 2″525 Lb. Green
B1717′ 4″610 Lb.White
B1919′ 6″695 Lb. Purple
B2221′ 8″825 Lb. Yellow-White
B2423′ 10″920 Lb.Blue-White
Measurement from draw bar to back is 114″
B9 L8′ 8″398 Lb.Yellow
B11 L10′ 10″502 Lb. Black
B13 L13′606 Lb.Blue
B15 L15′ 2″705 Lb.Green
B17L17′ 4″810 Lb. White
B19L19′ 6″920 Lb. Purple

The Bridge Estate Harrow

Working WidthShipping Weight (with drawbar)Shipping Dimensions
5'95 lbs60"x16"x6"
6'6"125 lbs78"x16"x6"

Swivel Caddy

Model No.Operating Width Transport WidthShipping Weight
Caddy comes complete with new tires, hydraulic cylinder, hoses, tongue jack w/pin, and safety chains.
2M1717’4″8’6″ 770 lb.
2M1919’6″ 8’6″830 lb.
2M2221’8″8’6″930 lb.
2M24 23’10”8’6″990 lb.
2M2626’0″8’6″1050 lb.

3 point Hitch Lift Frame

Model No.Operating WidthTransport Width
MB7 6’6″ 5’0″
MB9 8’8″ 7’0″
MB13 13’0″ 11’6″

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