The Bridge Estate Harrow


Designed at the perfect angle so that the tail section does not roll forward, reducing strain on the teeth, separating joints, and increasing the strength of the Harrow.


Made using durable ½" 1045 steel rod, the Bridge Estate Harrow is built to last. Designed with longer wear time in mind.


Ideal for equine, home and landscaping, trails, off road courses and more...
1 ¾" teeth at a 90° angle on one side an almost non-existent teeth on the other side, for many different applications.

The Best Equipment For The Job

We have been making the Bridge Estate Harrow for over 15 years, it is ideal for:

The Best Equipment For Finer Jobs

Available in 5′ & 6’6″ Widths. 

Manufactured from ½” 1045 steel rod.

Small enough to handle with ease (95lbs total weight).

Grooms the surface without disturbing the grade.

Designed with Equine, Estate and Hobby Farms in mind. 

Drag with ATV’s, Utility Vehicles, and Compact or Garden Tractors.

One side is more aggressive with 1 ¾” teeth at a 90°, the other side has almost non


teeth, great for leveling. 

This harrow is the perfect solution if you need a less aggressive, lighter chain 

harrow than our 5/8″ round, orange Bridge Harrow.

Use in Combination With Our Hitches and Carriers

Pulling our Harrow is easy with our lift frame or wheeled carrier. Easy to  handle, operate, and store; specially designed to work with our Bridge Estate Harrows for the best results.

Manuals and Specifications

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If you would like to know more about drag Harrows in general, then we highly recommend reading our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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