Ralph Bridge Chain Harrows Ltd.

A.K.A. May-Bridge Harrows

Ralph Bridge Chain Harrows Ltd. known as May-Bridge Harrows is a family owned and operated Canadian Company founded in 1981. The company is a manufacturer of Chain Harrows and Chain Harrow Carrier Systems – built in Belwood, Ontario, Canada.

A Chain Harrow is a farm implement generally used for levelling soil in many stages of cultivation, as well as many other uses. It includes pasture rejuvenation, preparing seed beds etc.

Marketed Throughout North-America

Marketing is done through distributors covering all of North America.

The company’s Chain Harrow is patented in North America. The Harrow includes some important selling points, such as the use of 5/8″ steel, and exclusive quality specifications, and the unique patented tooth design. The carrier system is also patented, and research and development continues as the company expands. We are interested in expansion into new market opportunities, such as larger farm equipment, and expanding possible applications such as the addition of our smaller, lightweight Bridge Estate Harrow.


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May-Bridge Harrows is located in Belwood, Ont., Canada – between Toronto and London (ON).

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